As I head into T4

Being real close last night to 28, I have one foot in T3, and one foot in T4.  As I play T3 I was very discouraged, and a little sour. So I stepped into T4, I had better success, but I felt bad being there because I was a lower level.  I still have the WoW mentality sometimes. The only thing that popped in the T4 scenarios was Serpent’s Passage scenario. I liked the mechanic of it, and it was some fun. With the RvR boost I wasn’t that bad either.  I even turned in a ship part once, that mad me feel good helping the team.

There was some massive Open RvR last night in Praag, and I wanted to go, but don’t think I could contribute all that much. From what I hear it was a lot of fun for everyone. Things are starting to look up in T4, and things in general for the WAR people. Which makes me happy. I like this game, even though the grinding is painful. Last night I dinged 29, and I think I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


Though that light could be a train coming….


3 Responses to “As I head into T4”

  1. Want to drop a quick note to say thanks for dedicating this space to the Chosen class. Short of the various forums, this provides a refreshing perspective.

    I also wanted to offer words of encouragment. On Badlands, I have been finding the T4 RvR generally improving. You would expect this as more and more folks level up. Previous however, it really consisted of “keep grinding” for bags of loot. Lately, I think it is more RvR focused — with people offering up strategies to lock zones and push for major objectives. From my perspective, throughout all of this, I am feeling fairly happy of the Chosen’s performance.

  2. It’s a train.

    The levels post 28 really slow up. It’s worth it though – the T4 RvR is excellent.

  3. I am very sorry to say, that light is a train. And mysteriously there’s a bus right behind it just in case the train misses you.

    900,000+ required exp to level from 38 to 39, mind boggling. The low 30s went pretty fast, and if you can take the pain of Serpant’s Passage over and over again and destruction on your server doesn’t get farmed by BWs every game as it does on mine, it gives a nice chunk of xp that will probably speed things up.

    The good news is that most classes seem to really start to shine around 30, you get lots of fun tools and start to specialize your own prefered play style. Bastion Stair is a blast if you like dungeons and RvR is hopping.

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