Moving Day

Well the news was handed down last night that my guild Einherjar will be moving. This kind of has me feeling a little wierd. A server to me is like my home. It’s the place I picked to make a virtual life. It’s where I know the trends of the AH, and the enemies I face are known to me. I like seeing the Dwarf Werit in Scenarios, or come across the Witch Hunter Lawdawg in open ground, or booting the Archmage Galendrios off the platform in Doomfist. Though they are my enemies, their MY enemies. 

So when I get the word we have to pack our bags, and move it gets me kind of nervous. When I moved in real life, few questions pop up.Where will I go? If I find a place, who will our neighbors be? Do they mind if I play my stereo too loud? Will the people that live near me be jerks?

The same thoughts occur to me when I’m moving servers. Which server will I go? How will the Destro Community be there? Will their be competition there in terms of Order, and is the Order there semi talented. Will they mind my little idiosynchroncies, and not be jerks about it.

It kind of makes me mad, because Averheim wasnt that bad. I of heard of some good fights going on. Now they want to combine the population, hey Mythic how about fixing stability and lag in big fights before you throw us all together.

I don’t know I’m a little upset for better or for worse Averheim has been my home for a few months, now I’m getting the boot, and have to plop my bags onto some other servers door.


2 Responses to “Moving Day”

  1. Are they merging servers or something? What prompted the move?

  2. Technically not really a merge, but that semantics. But yeah it’s a merge. Can’t have a WAR without people.

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