Woe to thee, and Despair

A couple of things of note on this long weekend.

I am trying the Path of Despair. I love it. Not only my solo damage on multiple mobs have gone up. I am rocking T3 Scenarios wielding a big ole axe, and mobbing up on the poor little clothies. Sure I am no sorcereress, I don’t fit in the bras. But I can carry my weight in damage. Alas in T4 scenarios I’m not of a factor since my level is so low.

I am no Theory Crafter, but I will be sticking to this spec for a bit and see how it goes.

I reached level 30, and looking forward to hitting 31 soon. I am in no rush on leveling, just enjoying the trip.

My new home server is Ungrim, alot of our old enemies moved there like HOSS, and some of our old friends from Averheim. It’s popping a little more then Averheim. I am enjoying it alot more. Open RvR was fun did a bit over this weekend.

One thing you may or may not know, you don’t need a shield to repel, I know the icon shows a shield, and you might be confused. I thought you need a shield for a long time, until I tested it awhile back. I just forgot to mention it until now, cause I’m wielding 2-handers more, and I live to serve my fellow Chosen.

I didn’t talk much about the heavy metal event, well frankly I got a tank. I don’t want another one. LOL! I did pick up the trophy, and the cloak without even trying.

Though I may not be a debuffer I once was, I am having a bit more fun sitting back a tad, trying to protect the healers, and mopping some clothies up.


4 Responses to “Woe to thee, and Despair”

  1. Welcome to Ungrim! Our guild moved here during the first transfer. It completely revitalized the game for alot of us. There is open RvR, constant scenarios and plenty of groups running the higher instances (which need a chosen, especially for one of them).

  2. Thanks Kotton, I look forward to doing our new server proud.

  3. I’m going with path of dread. But mainly because no one else seems to, so I just wanted to try it out. Will see how it goes.

  4. SOn of a it is dread

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