Boy Egg, and my Face were in alignment.

Moss from my favorite show “The IT Crowd” said that once. I said Path of Despair, It is really the Path of Dread. I apologize, I think it’s true Whiskey does kill brain cells. Son of a…

To get things straight in my head, and for those of you new to the Way of Chosen. Mastery career paths are as follows.

Path of Dread – More of Damage oriented path.

Path of Corruption – More of a Tanking spec. path

Path of Discord – More of a Debuff, Caster Killer path

I didn’t get much playing time in last night, I had personal commitment. Hopefully today I’ll get some in. I wonder as I hit 40 if there isn’t a good hybrid spec, I know I will play around with Path of Corruption more.


3 Responses to “Boy Egg, and my Face were in alignment.”

  1. Heya Rivs,
    I think we fought eachother a bunch over the weekend. My guild HOSS made the jump to Ungrim also. I think we ran into eachother in Serpents passage or whatever its called. That SC can really be hit or miss. I seem to either win that 500 to 50 or lose it that way. My Ironbreaker is all offensive unless he’s killing keep lords. I find that almost everyone ignores tanks so its best to try to cc or damage casters. I look forward to more fights with you.

    Tharrin Foehammer

  2. Ahh Jakkel aka Tharrin, ex-chosen turned IB, glad we can meet on the battlefield. You leveled fast, that’s awesome. How you liking the Ironbreaker compared to the Chosen. Going to stick with it, or try the KoBS?

    Well it’s good to hear from you, HOSS is really a nice guild, with alot of class acts.

    I hope to shove my sword down all of your throats. LOL!

  3. Personally I think I will be looking at Dread and Discord. My original plan was to go Discord as I like the idea of debuffing. I love coming into a fight where they are making no progress, lay down a few debuffs and the enemy just melts away.

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