Knights of the Feathered Douchebags

The more I read about these guys the more I get pissed. Their not mirrors of Chosens their more overpowered…way more overpowered.


Look at these abilities.

Blazing Blade



Your kidding me right? This some sort of joke.  I have a bad feeling about these guys, I better get to work and level my guy to 40.

The second thing I want to mention the new patch some very cool things about it. Damage seemed to have gone up in the dread mastery path, I like some of the aesthetic changes… I think it’s the step in the right direction. I think were going to have some real nice things coming up in the near future.

Oh one thing I don’t like the new Raze animation is awesome, but theirs dust that seems to be a part of it or smoke. Enough already with the dust, I hate it with my horsey too.


3 Responses to “Knights of the Feathered Douchebags”

  1. Burning Blade… at R40, stacked 3 times, is 600 damage over 9 seconds. With an initial damage of 336 for all 3. That does not seem too bad.

    Well Trained looks nice, but the abilities it affects have 10s cooldowns… so we’ll have to see.

  2. Teenagedirtbag Says:

    stop crying wuss u know theyre eventually gonna get nerfed

  3. It’s actually 600 damage over 12 seconds because of the GCD between applications. =)

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