Ah yea real life is dum dum

Ok Real Life intruded on my weekend and hunker down with my Chosen. Stoopid Weddings. But my beloved Chicago Bears one, so I’ll take it on the chin.

I just want to comment on Werit’s most awesome post, it’s for people that like Warcraft, what can they expect from WAR.

Also on Stunty he gives a wish list. On there I left a comment. I wanted a fuzzy bunny, he mentioned my warlock purple armor. Ok so for a Chosen I’m a little metrosexual. 

I think it would be nice to have some more in game fluff though, Trophies are nice, but I want the huge spikes with skull on it. I want blood smearing my armor, I want….I want …..a fuzzy bunny.

One I can pet, and hug…can I George…can I have a bunny?

I also read  “Blood for the Blood God” by C.L. Werner- It’s more about the followers of Khorne. I thought it was a good book though.If you enjoy sewing the seeds of Chaos as much as I do, you should pick it up.

Well tonight I hope to add some skulls for the skull throne myself. So that I have some juicy tidbits for you, my fellow followers of the Raven God.


5 Responses to “Ah yea real life is dum dum”

  1. “but I want the huge spikes with skull on it. I want blood smearing my armor…”

    I must admit; the game was originally presented as ‘darker’ or bleaker than WOW, but it’s still just as cartoony in many respects. Some nice grim fluff would help this.

  2. Heya rivs,
    Id like to see more fluff myself. My gear hasn’t really changed in a few levels so something new would be nice…

    Hows the feeling on the destruction side on Ungrim? Since we moved from Averheim a lot of people have left order. Things are really looking down on our side. Since the server crashes the other night trying to assault the maw fortress things have really declined. People still upbeat on destro?

    Tharrin Foehammer

  3. Server crashes are taking their toll on our side as well, some good guildies quit already.

  4. Ok so for a Chosen I’m a little metrosexual.

    Oh, you. I wonder if Khorne knows that your Chosen plucks his eyebrows.

  5. Not sure if you caught this or not but I thought of you when I read it in yesterday’s short patch notes:

    “Fixed an issue that was causing Knight Commands to stack in an unintended manner.”

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