Cry me a River….

I don’t know. It’s looking a little grim. The Knights are Overpowered from all the accounts I get. Whether it’s true or not. I don’t really know. It has angered alot of Chosen, so much that a respected guildie and friend have quit WAR over it. He felt it was a slap in the face, that our mirror has some more tools at their disposal, more tools then we have.  This got me a little depressed.

Also the Server issues on major keep battles, this is WAR was designed for, and it’s not working as intended. This has gotten morale down, I think on either side.

Mythic and crew need to do something, or there won’t be anyone around to wage a WAR.

How dedicated am I to Chaos and WAR….

I was at the bookstore, and I was buying some Warhammer and Warhammer 40k books. The store clerk was like, “You like Warhammer?”  I replied, “Do I like Warhammer?” Thats when I lift my sleeve, and show him my chaos tattoo I got years ago…”Yea, a little”


4 Responses to “Cry me a River….”

  1. holy shit, that’s hardcore

  2. I should take a pic and put it up. The artist did a good job.

  3. A friend informed me Mythic have stated they are using the KoTBS as a test for aura changes and that either chosen will be brought up or kotbs brought down in the future. I know, I know, I dont have the link to it. Quitting over powers given to a class that is sitting in teir 2 strikes me as a bit over the top though.

    Now the server problems, thats something to quit over 😦

  4. Well I’m sure it’s getting frustrating being killed by 4 overlapping On your Guard auras, when they shouldn’t be overlapping. That should of been a hotfix. IMHO.

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