Crash to The Desktop = Epic Fail

Things were really ugly  last night I CTD or Crashed to Desktop about 4 times, and I was the lucky one. I was hearing people CTDing 6 or 7 times. It made life a miserable hell in Open RvR. Half the Warband would disappear at crucial times. People were getting seriously pissed, and that’s not the only problem. Things were disappearing, still alot of lag, a whole bunch of ghosts.

I have to commend Mythic on fast response to customers, but for the love of God, make sure it works before putting it out there.


One Response to “Crash to The Desktop = Epic Fail”

  1. That’s odd, I took part in a pretty massive RvR fight in Avelorn last night (around 4 hours) and no one in my WB dced, or anyone in my guild that I heard off. Well, I d/ced once but that’s because I’m running on 1gig of Ram and less than 2.0 ghz single core processor. I deserve it.

    Technology is so screwy :/

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