Who said PvE isn’t fun in WAR

Sunday night did Bastion Stair Dungeon for the first time, and let me tell you had a decent time. I won some lvl 35  purple shoulders (i don’t see them on wardb). When you have a good group it just went superbly well, and knocked two wings out in about an hour, not even. We had time to find a hidden world boss in the Northeast of the Chaos wastes near the Battlefield Obj. theres a swamp with some ruined walls in the middle, your supposed to jump the walls Mario fashion to get to a hidden cave. I wanna say it’s called the Lair of Grimgore.  It was a lvl 40 Hero Troll. Got a blue set of shoulder for our magus.

I did some PQ’in a bit last night and have fun trying to push myself to the limit, I died a few times, ok so it’s not smart to pull 10 mobs at a time with no heal pots. I should keep down to 5-6, but what fun is that.

I hit Realm Rank 33, 7 more to go.

I logged into World of Warcraft a bit last night, and I wasn’t feeling it anymore, I may cancel. I killed some mobs on my frost mage, and there just wasn’t a challenge there. I killed them all toot sweet.  It felt like a grind.

I think thats the key, WoW is too easy maybe, and easy is boring.

Plus once you been part of a Fortress keep with hundreds of your brothers and sisters, lag or no lag it’s just a wonderful sight to behold, makes you feel a part of something.


Wanna check out some more Dungeons,  Thulf at Stunty Stomper  has some wonderful write ups on it, go check em out. Here’s the Bastion Stair.


2 Responses to “Who said PvE isn’t fun in WAR”

  1. Bastion Stair is really fun. Once you have a few piece of Lesser Ward items, either from the bosses in the Stair (which are SUPER fun) or from RvR, ah and 40, forgot that they’re required, you can start doing the six man city dungeons. I’ve not done one myself since I don’t have the RR needed to wear the nearly complete Annhilator’s I’ve wracked up, but I’ve watched my boyfriend run them and they look really fun.

    I’ve never said that PvE in WAR was boring, I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I am so looking forward to Lost Veil, but I know I won’t be seeing that for a while 🙂

  2. Well, i am play also a mix of pve und pvp. it´s a funny playstile. 🙂

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