Bye Bye On Your Guard

Where’s my NERFbat….Oh Happy Day this is so getting fixed in this patch.  I feel this helps a little, and perhaps the Knight won’t be such the flavor of the month.

I just come to realize either I have a life, or I’m the slowest leveler ever. I’m still only level 33, and alot of guildies have 2 toons higher then me.  I’m just sad.

I gotta research faster ways to level, I really do. Anyone have any suggestions???


7 Responses to “Bye Bye On Your Guard”

  1. I would say the key is: dont do one thing. PQ when you find the group, do some scenarios but stop when you’re bored, and quest. The biggest slow-down for most players is they get bored / unmotivated and wind up wasting small chunks of time standinga round debating what else to do, or what is best. I find it is best if you just KEEP GOING!

    If you REALLY can stick your nose in something and keep after it, Quest/Grind mobs 1-3 levels higher than you. The beauty of a tank is that you can handle champions with ease that most others cannot, which also yield substantial experience.

    I was pulling 2888 on 31 champs with my 30 SM (rested)
    900 for 31 normals (rested)

    I know this is not a TON unrested… but it can beat scenarios (especially if you are comparing to Serpents Passage), and requires minimal thought or effort.

  2. Hey River

    less beer and more play time is the key to lvling 🙂

    seriously this is my typical Chosen routine.

    Gear: stack toughness and wounds, dont really need str until you are 40
    Zones: I do all the quests in a zone, then I finish off the PQ’s solo to grind for the uber blue con gear, very seldom do i do a PQ IN A group, the loots are only good for a few lvls so meh!
    Scen: I typically run these only when we have guild groups going, xp is great, otherwise they end up being a waste of your precious time

    I also check out the kill collector and try and max his xp kills, especially if that also happens to coincide with the PQ mobs that need to be farmed for inf.

    People always want to kill mobs higher lvl then themselves, but i never bother unless its absolutely necessary.

    The best is doing pq’s solo and the mobs are all equal or 1 lvl below, I can easly pull 15 + mobs with the use of 1 potion, use all my Chosen powers, especailly Quake and Parry ability. I finish the fight around 10% health and regen while looting and scavenging the bodies. It’s great to be able to kill a mob 3 lvls higher, but hardly worth the time involved.

    anyway that’s my typical evening in WAR


  3. I should qualify this with, it’s great to have 1 healer with you, then you really can pull entire camps, i have pulled 30 easy with just a couple dots on me, but healers are not always handy and it does cut the xp/inf in half, but does save on the potions lol


  4. Some good stuff Lomil. Thanks.

  5. Dont spend significant time doing a quest that requires you to do blue mobs but quest your butt off. Walk into a town and pick up every darn quest there. Dont stop until they are done.
    For PvE toughness and str are key.

  6. Sup Rivers,

    Randa here. I recently got my hand on a Black Orc from my bro’s mate who quit – so fun times to be had. Now I know this is completely different with your class, but I have fun times solo grinding (or paried) PQ’s. And I can do a whole one really really really fast (Well, compared to my Zealot – lawl).

    I either sword and board 10 mobs 2-3 levels higher than me, or 2hr AOE 4 or 5 of them. Both times I generally end up on low health (But my god does ‘Da Toughest’ totally freaken own), however they are all dead either before or after I use ‘Raze’. Xp gain is great, drops are great (Don’t know what to do with my bank full of greens yet), influence rolls in and it’s fun knowing a stuff up will get you killed.

    Having not played a chosen, it will be different, but I’m sure you can work it!!

  7. Try do get a solid group together and grind PQs, make sure you do every PQ in each area at least once as the first time yields bonus XP. Try to team up for higher lvl PQs where you also gain nice XP from the mob kills.. use the PQs with a gazillion of mobs.

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