Apothecary – The Drug Dealers of WAR

So yeah I’m an apothecary, my skill level is 194. Yet crafting in general is a mystery to me still. I just don’t understand the system. In DAOC, and WOW you had a laid out formula. Here you just mix and match and hopefully something useful comes out of it. I took up Apoth, for the spike potions. I am also a butcher, though I got some good things from butchery, I don’t think it’s a great match with Apoth, but I’m 190’s with that as well so I am not going to redo that.  Plus one day somehow I’ll get a kick ass title from Butchery. Rivs The Butcher is still just a dream at this point.

Thanks to my guildie, Otega we got some nice Apoth links to help me, as well as other Drug Dealers…err Potion Makers..

Apothecary Guide

Ingredients by use/level

Keywords to use on Auction House


Hope that helps ya some


2 Responses to “Apothecary – The Drug Dealers of WAR”

  1. Links are borked.

  2. Should be fixed now thanks!

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