I’m so excited….

and I just can’t hide it.

Sorry when I’m happy I sometimes break out in 80’s song.

Mark Jacobs just sent out a news blurb –

“And now for some more holiday cheer! Starting today, December 18th, we are going to be speeding up the leveling curve in WAR for a few weeks. We’re going to increase the rest experience multiplier bonus in a hotfix today as well as reducing the time that it takes you to earn rested xp while logged out of the game, especially in Tiers 3 and 4. This will result in players? time to level being approximately 10% faster in Tier 2 and 20% faster in Tiers 3 and 4. We hope you enjoy the changes and have a great holiday season as you speed through the Tiers faster than ever before!”

Now I might hit 40 before the end of 2010….Thanks Mark Jacobs, and the boys at Mythic. Come to my crib on Christmas, Egg Nog on me!


3 Responses to “I’m so excited….”

  1. Yea, the 30’s have been brutal… well not really it is a fun kinda brutal.

  2. This is indeed exciting. It’s gotten to the point for me that I’ve started leveling alts because the 30’s look like such an unclimbable mountain.

  3. With my new DoK alt sitting at 24, this makes me gleeful. My least favorite levels are 27-32, those went soooo freaking slow with Sevren. Hopefully I can push through to the other hitch at 37-40 with the rest xp. Exciting stuff

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