Rivs the Drunkard

I am so pleased I got this title, it’s sort of a dream come true. If you played with me for anytime at all you would come to realize I do like my booze…namely whiskey. Actually a couple things I like in life besides whiskey, the other thing is Pie. Now if they had a Pie Eater/Lover title I would be hard pressed.

The Other Title I was wondering if they had in the game the whole reason I took up Butchery is if they actually have the title “The Butcher” then I would be in a quandry, but for now I’m a Drunkard and damn proud.

The other thing is I’m Realm Rank 34, and Renown Rank 31 I am really looking forward to trying to hit 35, that would mean I’m near the home stretch so to speak. Always looking for those leveling tips, and if yours is good enough I’ll give you credit and a big ole smooch on the cheek.


3 Responses to “Rivs the Drunkard”

  1. The best I have found for XP gains in T4 is to get a good group together (tank,healer, couple aoe types), find a PQ with pullable mobs at least 2 levels higher than you, and cycle through it a repeatedly. Certainly is grinding but is much faster/more predictable than oRvR and Scenarios.

    oRvR can be very good for XP if you are defending a keep but is somewhat unpredictable and you die alot…which dying and running back to the action (or waiting for a res) is down time that you are not gaining XP. If you are sieging the keep you tend to get fewer kills and thus less XP, as the advantage is to the defenders.

    Also, scenarios in T4 seem to be dominated by one side or the other, I find very few that end up near even…and the winning team usually lets it drag out the full 15 minutes to farm renown. So you might get 25k xp one round when you win…then spend 2 rounds losing at 8k xp for all of approx 41k xp for 45 minutes. Much less than you’ll nab on a PQ.

    You might want to toss in some scenarios or RvR though to keep your Renown Rank from getting too far from your Realm Rank. Though that’s up to you because once you reach 40, it’s all you will be doing.

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