Whats better then One Chosen

That would be two Chosen, me and my Brother In Arms, Lomilgaron whooped up on the Isle of Dead last night. Man we burned through there faster then a proverbial hot knife, through luke warm butter.  There were  some epic pulls, I swear one pull we had 20 mobs, and they just kept coming and coming.  Had some close calls because of the spawn rates on the Isle are crazy fast.

Lomi got him a real nice shield.  Which drops of the drakes in the Isle of the Dead, I might just hit those tonight and solo a bit.  It’s a nice shield.

One thing about Lomi he is alot more organized then I am, and I admire that. He does his research, he reads the PQ rewards, and grabs all the quests near the PQ, and hammers them out.  As for me, I’m more haphazard. Maybe that’s why Lomi is 35 on his second toon, and I’m still 34 on my first.

Oh well, I had fun last night, so if you gotta chosen buddy strap on that sword and board, and rip stuff up for me.


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