Defenders of Chaos!

Last night Order Tried to take a Fortress, The Butchers Pass.  With about 2 Warbands, one Warband just guildies we held them off to what to me looked like at least 4 Warbands. Now somethings they did wrong. Their healers were way too grouped together, made it easier to wipe them out. Once the healers were done, they were done. They also didn’t try again, which I don’t understand. Both Gates were open they had tons of time, at least 20 at one point. Alas they didn’t try again.

So our Guild Warband went to Thunder Mountain to take some keeps when the Zone Reset itself which was easy peacey.  Then are Guild Warband went to Reikland.  We were at the Door of The Keep, when I hear a healer over Vent, “Ah Look Behind Us”, I turn to look and see an ocean of Red. About 2-3 Warbands of Order.

After the Wipe, we did some Guerilla warfare, take Order out here and there. Some Guildies got some gear, I got some XP/Renown. It was some good times with the Guildies.

I tested my Auras on Keep Lord, after further testing I don’t think it affects Contribution either way. Also I don’t think Contribution rolls over from one keep to another anymore.


3 Responses to “Defenders of Chaos!”

  1. What is a warband? And where is the Echoic and Co. at? I want to be on their team.

  2. A warband is 2 to about 4 I believe groups acting together, sort of like a Raid in WoW

    Echoic, I dunno where they went, but from what I hear they do play WAR

  3. I agree with you on the keep contribution thing – it seems like it doesn’t persist in the same zone anymore. On two separate occassions recently I got vastly different contributions while doing the exact same thing in the exact same group.

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