New Banner!

Greg over at Tome of Knowledge is a very talented artist.  He did me a very big favor and I am forever grateful.  He created the banner that I’m using now, and let me tell you I couldn’t ask for a better one. He even uses the eye in the middle of the chaos symbol, if your a faithful reader then you know I have a tattoo like that.

Think I’m nuts about him being a good artist, go check out his other work.

Just try to disagree with me he’s not talented.

Thanks again Greg.

See this is what I’m talking about community working together, to make this blogosphere better.  If your thinking about writing a blog, and you want to hop on board, we’ll be 100% behind you.

Here’s some more info.


5 Responses to “New Banner!”

  1. […] I must say, Chris posted a wonderfully flattering post on his blog about the banner and my work in general. Appreciate Chris!! Cheers! Posted in General | Leave a […]

  2. Ah, it’s staring at me… piercing through my soul AGH! I love it!

  3. Sweet banner indeed!

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