A Good Cause

A coworker is shaving his head for a charity that I find near and dear to my heart. These poor children who don’t have much of a life, and their poor parents that suffer through this. There’s only a few charities I get behind. St. Baldricks is one. So if you like what you read, I ask you just to give a little bit of yourself. I’m not asking a whole lot, just a dollar even.

Ok I’m starting to sound like Sally Struthers, but I think you know what I mean.

Here’s the website….


Here’s my coworkers donation page, where you can donate on line


I’m going to do something special for those who donate, so if make sure you put a name in from who, and go like

YourName@wayofthechosen, or your own blog name if you have one.  So I can make sure you get that certain something.


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