Repel, or the lack of it.

Either people love me, or my Repel sucks. Ok I don’t like to complain, but after a night of Open RvR.  I was getting a little frustrated. This might come off like a whiny little biotch. But I would be remiss to my Chosen Brethren if I did not make our voice heard. 

 My Repel as a Chosen sucks, it really does. After you get knocked back half a zone by an Ironbreaker, or a Shadow Warrior. Then Fetched half a zone by a White Lion. Then when you go to knockback someone with a well placed Repel, they go literally two feet.

Now before I complain, I do my research to see if I’m doing something wrong, or maybe it’s due to something like lag. No for once it isn’t me something isn’t right. Even our so called mirror, The Knights Of the Burning Douchebaggery have a better Knockback then us.  After looking at a bunch of complaint on various forums. I knew something must be said.

I’m just sick of being a ping pong ball, when is my chance to be the paddle, and whack the crap out of someone half a zone, or my preference would be, how about cutting the distance for ALL classes.


6 Responses to “Repel, or the lack of it.”

  1. You can take solace in the fact that knock backs become less and less useful in T4. I know I see them getting used less and less, and normally the ones I do still see using them are people fresh from T3 where it is almost a must for Tor Anroc. As for putting them in comparison to the KOTBS, I think the problem lies in the fact that KOTBS and BG where in the oven much longer than the chosen so they have gotten a lot more time to be polished than the chosen. Eventually they might be on an even keel, but until then we just have to live with the current incarnation of it all.

  2. LoL! I found you through Shiro’s Blogroll (Metro Gamer).
    It’s okay to bitch a tad. Blogging is an outlet and how you do it is up to you.
    I’ve not played a Chosen, the Witch Elf is my cup of tea, but I completely understand your frustration as a Melee DPS class with NO knockback. Sometime ORvR feels like a huge pinball machine, and I’m the ball.

    As you stated, the major problem is the distance Order is able to knock us back. I’ll never forget the days of ping ponging in Tor Anroc after a healer would punt me then a Shadow Warrior would hit me with their arrow of SUPER SUPREME KNOCKBACK while I was still in mid air and then getting hit with a snare during my 100 meter descent to the lava locking me in place until I burned like flaming haystack.

  3. I’d rather play ping pong than play ‘lay face down in the dirt while beat upon’ 🙂

    As one who knockbacks a good bit… I always try to be on higher ground, which yields a farther punt.

  4. Must have alot of Discord Chosen on your server Werit. LOL!

  5. It is hard to tell… Marauders and With Elves also contribute to my dirt time.

  6. ‘The Knights Of the Burning Douchebaggery’ LOL that’s funny stuff right there.

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