Does the side you choose depend on your personality?

When I first started playing MMO’s I started off as a cleric. A healing toon. One that helps others. Then when I went to WoW I first rolled an alliance pallie. Well the queue times were really really long, My guild decided to go to Horde, I was sick of healing at this point, so I rolled a Warrior. A tank I did that for awhile. Until most of my guild went back to DAOC for awhile. I didn’t go back. I started playing with some people from work. I ended up as a alliance mage. Now in WoW I play a Horde Mage.

In WAR I wanted to be an asset, but I still was burnt out from healing so I went to Tank. Well for the simple fact I love Chosen, always have before the Online game even came out, well that and being a CHAOS fiend to the bone. So really the decision in WAR was a no brainer for me.

I found this site, and found out I was a Killer. Which I do agree with on some level, but I’m a Killer, but I think I’m a little Insane of one. I enjoy the most is when theres 4 to 5 people beating on me, and they can’t kill me. This makes me laugh…maniacally.

What are you?  How did you go about choosing your toons?

Bartle’s Psych Test


4 Responses to “Does the side you choose depend on your personality?”

  1. Wantsumbier Says:

    I am and have always been a bit of an altaholic. I started my MMO life with SWG and changed stats and specs so many times it is hard for me to remember what I ended with. Some kind of smuggler/pistoleer/ melee hybrid. I then moved to WoW and started a rogue. In short order I started a number of alts on the horde side. After a year and a half I moved to EQII and a very brief stint in Guild Wars. In all of these games the thought of playing a healer never crossed my mind.

    Now in WaR my patterns of altaholism has continued. My main (Order) is a lvl 22 Witch Hunter and lvl 16 Ironbreaker a close second. My main for Destro is a lvl 20 DoK which is a total blast, and my first attempt at any kind of healing. I must be doing something kind of right because I seem to be targeted very often (even before the shaman I’m standing next to.) My most recent flavor of the day is a SH. They are also a bit different that what I have played in the past, but I am enjoying it.

    What does this say about my personality? OCD or ADD I guess.
    Sorry, kind of a long response. Great site BTW!

  2. I usually always play a healer in games; currently in war I have a 40 archmage and a 40 zealot. In wow I played a priest, in fact the only games I never played healers in where EQ/EQ2 and I played an enchanter/coercer respectively. As for order vs. destruction. I end up playing order more because I like being the side that has the odds stacked against them. This is what happened in WOW a lot of people played alliance, and less played horde so when I was working on HWL on my shadow priest I was get pop after pop of instances for pvp…where as alliance would wait an hour and never see a queue pop. Same goes for war, scenarios pop quick for order, where as it is 20-40 min a pop for my destro toon. So it has its benefits and its negatives.

  3. Great question Riv!

    To answer your first question – I think it’s situational but yes, I do believe personality plays a role just inadvertantly for some people.

    To answer your second question –
    Like Wantsumbier ( I want some too, probably will have a few after work). I started my MMO addiction with Star Wars Galaxy back in 2003. Never played an MMO and had no idea what to expect, the great thing about SWG is that you could change your setup at a whim and I found that I enjoyed having and taming pets. I ended up a Pistoleer/Creature Handler and dabbled in Bio Engineering.

    My next stint took me to the world of Vanadiel, FFXI, where I played a Warrior/Black Mage ( a very unusual and not so admiring combo) until I unlocked Dark Knight. I chose Dark Knight purely off the fact that they are a hybrid archetype (melee/magic), just like my self made Warrior/Black Mage combo, and used scythes/reapers as their primary weapons. Due to the overwhelming population of Dark Knights I decided to re-roll into a Samurai because of the tremendous DPS boost they brought to the group with their “combo openers”. Their individual damage alone was nothing to gawk at but once they unleased an openergrouped they were the basis of bringing out the best of all the other classes.

    Next was WoW. I’d already played the ranged/pet role with a tad of crafting (SWG), the tank/magic dd and boost support roles (FFXI) and was ready for something different; so I rolled an Undead Priest (and myfirst female toon). Loved healing and kept her w/o re-rolling or making any significant alts. It didn’t hurt that she could hold her own in PvP either.

    Guild Wars I went back to my tank/magic DD roots and rolled a Warrior/Necromancer.

    Then came EQ II where I decided I wanted to have pets again so I rolled a Summoner.

    Vanguard brought light back to the tunnel with a dd support class, that I thought would be similar to my Samurai from FFXI, in the form of the Monk. Unfortunately that didn’t last very long, sad b/c that game had great potential.

    Finally, I mozied my way over to Warhammer and now play a melee glass cannon. First pure melee DPS class I’ve played in my short time as an MMO’er. The reason? B/c CoW Destruction setup class schedules prior to launch and I wanted to make sure I played an archetype that was under-represented. Out of all the archetypes the only ones we hardly had any of was Melee DPS (Marauder/Witch Elf). My orginal intent was to go with a Zealot.

    In summary…

    Unbeknowest until just now, I actually played the same three archetypes in a cyclical pattern: ranged/pet, tank/magic dd, support dd, and then it would’ve been healer if it hadn’t been for 40% of CoW Destro planning on rolling Shamans, Zealots and DoK’s.

  4. My results say killer but I’m very, very laid back IRL. I mostly choose MDPS types but have a soft spot for healers. Lucky for me, the Warrior Priest does both! 🙂

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