Fortress Fix or is it?

Well the blogosphere is abuzz with Mythics latest bit of News. So I won’t post too much about, or go into a long diatribe how I feel like it’s so much Hot Air blown in my direction.

Here’s a novel idea, get better servers, improve your code, and increase your bandwidth. Hey thats just me.

Somethings I find very…dubious with this solution.

– What are the numbers – Mythic isn’t giving numbers. ?

–  What if my Destro Warband, who on my server don’t have a whole heck of alot of healers, goes into a fortress with 3 healers not 40, and they get ported back to the Warcamp?…Hey Dead Warband ain’t that nice.

– What happened to Epic Battles?  This is WHAT the game was supposed to be designed for.

Maybe the numbers are still high, but they just want to limit the 31’s from clogging the fun for the 40’s, I don’t really know. But like my buddy at Wizard and Witches says it feels like a Duct Tape solution


7 Responses to “Fortress Fix or is it?”

  1. Epic means something different to everyone.

    Which is better, this or the current situation? The fix most people want is likely far off.

  2. My question is this in regards to it, since it does not say that it is going to do anything to balance it, there are about 4:1 destruction to order currently on ST, so if they use a hard cap, if destruction gets there first with 4~8 warbands dose that mean order is SOL to defend? Additionally by capping it, it does limit the amount of people who get to partake in the fun of defending a fort. This was a huge selling point to the game, everyone can help defend/take a fortress not, only the people who get there first, additionally when your code drops people out of the game then they have to wait to get back in, that creates and issue. This is in no way a fix or a band aid it is purely poor planning.

  3. From what I gather the Attackers have one cap, and the Defenders another.

    For example Destruction is attacking an Order Keep. The Attackers cap is 100, while the Defenders cap is 50.

    When Destruction hits 100, the 101 person is ported to Warcamp, and when Attackers hit 50, the 51st is ported.

    I am pretty sure it is not like a 150 hard cap on everybody, that would be plan stupid…even for Mythic.

    Then again they did release Trials of Atlantis, and nerf my wonderful smite cleric so maybe I should never be surprised.

  4. Unfortunately, I am not able to read the entire article. Work blocks my access to the Herald.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like there is a 150 cap per fortress and maybe even a level limit?

    If so, that’s a great start. Think about it…

    150 people * 3 fortresses ( the max number that can be attacked at any one time simultaneously) equates to 450 people playing in T4 attempting to unlock a city. To be honest, I feel like that’s more of what was intended…I’m sure you all remember “WAR is everywhere” not just Eataine, or Kaldrin Valley. On Monolith, it’s everyone to the same spot. So if Shining Way is under attack, that means the entire server is at shining way. Before, now (again assuming my first two assumptions are correct) there was never a reason to split a faction into multiple pairings for simultaneous keep takes. WAR was always and has always been at that ONE location until either the timer dropped or the keep flipped. On top of that the outrageous lag created nothing greater than a less than epic experience.

    I say we sit on it and see how it pans out.


  5. rpthatway Says:

    While I completely agree with everything you’ve said, I must say that it has encouraged combat on Dark Crag to spread over more than one zone.

    As for caps, its capped PER side. x defenders and x attackers. The attacker cap is higher than the defender cap.

    Its a temporary band-aid (I hope). A friend brought up a good point though: We can all cry “Just upgrade your hardware and change your software!” but, if it were a hardware issue, don’t you think Mythic would already have it? They probably have the best thats out there, and their game just overloads it regardless.

  6. thealtnad Says:

    I feel that a lot of players aren’t looking at the bigger picture. Attacking/Defending a fortress doesn’t mean being as close to the lord as possible. There are plenty of meaningful ways to contribute to the keep taking rather than having massive amounts of people standing there and just looking at each other.

    Block of reinforcements, forming beachheads, or taking advantage of another zone. These limits just make players attempt these strategies.

  7. Some very good points

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