Gaze upon my uberness mortals, and despair

Well last night, with a little lack of sleep (I was a tosh late to work hehe), my Libram of Insight, and a whole lot of killing I attained Realm Rank 40. It’s like a weight has been lifted, like all the work I done lo these past few months have finally reached fruition.

Then I noticed I’m only Renown Rank 35, and that I was only half done. Now starts a different kind of grind. To be honest though I really like killing other players so I’m not dreading it. I’m actually looking forward to it.

I also looking forward to doing a little more PvE, like the city dungeons, as soon as I gear up doing Bastion Runs.

So I gotta say I’m really geeked up, and willing to get geared up.


12 Responses to “Gaze upon my uberness mortals, and despair”

  1. I hit 40 2-3 weeks back, and I was only RR 33! I’m now 40. It’s not quite as painful, you barely see it go by… you only get antsy when you have an item that requires RR 38 and you’re 50% to 37.

  2. Exactly… Renown isn’t a grind that I mind very much either. I’m going to hit R40 tonight and I’ll be RR35.

  3. Grats Rivs! Now you can roll and alt on Monolith and join CoW!

  4. Grats on 40. I am planning a return to the game after the dissapointments of wow pvp. I do like some of the new stuff and wish they would impliment it in WAR. I was at 30 RR 29 when I left and I hear the 30’s are the worst so wish me luck at thumping heads again.

  5. Congrats on 40, and you’re higher than my character’s renown rank… they are both rather low.

  6. @xochine – actually I read CL Werner Warhammer book on Witch Hunters, it’s good. So good I was thinking of rolling one. So don’t be surprised if I do show up on CoW’s doorstep one day.

    @Theal – Well you split your time between 2 toons…your forgiven lol

    @Snafzg – DO IT!!!

  7. Oh and thanks all on the grats

  8. I’ve been 40 since thanksgiving and I just about ten minutes ago gained RR30 šŸ˜› I mind the renown grind a whole lot more than the rank one and probably will never even see RR40.

  9. Grats Rivs šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the add to you blogroll. I did the same. Good luck on the renown grind!

  10. Grats! I should also try get a character to 40. Some day… Some day.

  11. *snaps fingers*

    “Gaze upon my works ye mighty and despair”, every time I reload my blog roll something about your title caught my eye, now in a bit of a duh moment I remembered what the original phrase was and where it came from. And now I’m curious if you know? šŸ™‚

  12. It’s from a poem about an egyptian statue. It’s like sitting alone in the desert, and it says that on it. It’s like ironic. Think the guys name is Shelley who wrote it, I read it in English…many many moons ago…

    I’m a warehouse of useless knowledge.

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