Vote early, Vote often.

Well thats the slogan here if your from Illinois, the home of honest politics. Seriously though. I was nominated for a greeny, I am up against some really good blogs, and seriously doubt I’ll win but do go by and vote for your favorite.



I also want you to notice that my Blogroll has swollen due to epic proportions thanks to the Age of Blogging, theres some really talented authors that joined our ranks, and urge you to check some of them out. I also want to say never too late to join our army of bloggers.

I took part in some Open RvR this weekend, nothing to write home about, but one thing I noticed it seems that IronBreakers, and Black Orcs are harder to hit. Is it just me?

Some things I want to take a look at this coming week is Inititiave. I heard this stat makes you harder to be critted upon, and when dealing with bosses in bile/bloodwrought thats a good thing.

This coming week, I will also be looking over end game gear, and where to get it.

I also working on a new mage in World of Warcraft, so I might post something on that as well.


4 Responses to “Vote early, Vote often.”

  1. Ironbreakers and Black Orcs are not harder to hit in my opinion, just bloody harder to damage!

    I swear I hit a Black orc and my combat log says back “What were you thinking?”

  2. I’ve been interested in WarHammer Online but *sighs* it isn’t available for Mac and although I do have a few Windows computers I’m a Machead. ;-0

    I recently created another mage in WOW and will be leveling her over the next few months.

  3. Yeah, I’ll second that – Ironbreakers and Black Orcs aren’t harder to hit, but they’re way, way more resilient than other tanks, I’ve found.

    Personally, I’ve invested my renown points into picking up a few ranks of Impetus for the Initiative increase. Maybe it’s just me being hopeful, but I honestly feel like it’s made me much harder to drop.

  4. Less WoW more WAR, we want our Rivver

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