Thee Tanking Spec

This has me wondering, in World of Warcraft as a warrior there was a definative tanking spec. You either specced that way or your sitting on the sidelines almost gimping yourself.

As I look forward to doing some more PvE, In WAR is there a definitive tanking spec, tactics. If so I haven’t seen it yet. Everyday I see something new to respec to, thus wasting my gold.

So what is the definitive tanking spec in WAR, or is there?


2 Responses to “Thee Tanking Spec”

  1. For the Chosen it would the Corruption Mastery line. Things that increase your toughness and abilities that help crowd control would be considered tanking spec in my opinion. But I have seen quite a few tanks and groups not use all that much knockdowns in PvE for some reason. Helps manage encounters a lot.

  2. Theal, yea you would think it would be Corruption right. But from my reading of the forums, and research it looks like alot of points into Discord for Embrace the Winds Tactic, and Some in Dread for Crippling Strikes Tactic.

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