Center Bastion Stair, and a special thanks.

Well no rest for the wicked, last night my alliance put together a Center Bastion Stair run. I have to thank especially though Makhra THEE DOK, and the people from Jaded Souls.  He was a patient, and good leader. Laying out the plans, and making sure the raid went well. He also made sure that people were up to speed on the quests. We jammed out alot of PQ’s and got some good loot, I’m surprised people don’t do it more often. Then after running the PQ’s we broke up into smaller groups to knock out the bosses.  I was a offtank, and I believe with my new spec, I don’t know for sure but with Embrace the Winds I hope I was a easier for the healer to heal.  On the bosses what really helped the Zealot, i think it was the zealot,  was putting a debuff on the bosses, and they were hitting for nothing. I don’t know much about Zealots, but I think every toon should be debuffing the bosses it, helps ALOT.

So a couple things of note. To get to the Skull Lord, you have to do the chain in Wing 1 Called “Blood on the Steps” AND the questline “Infinite Patience”

Terms of Strategies on the bosses, we just basically tanked and spanked and knocked it out of the park. Want more info Thulf over at StuntyStomper put a good walkthrough together. I urge you to check it out…here.

So I wanted to make sure credit is given where credit is due, if I spell your name wrong I’m sorry. Yulia (WE), Makhra(DOK), Grillik(BO), Shem(Zealot), Fazol(Sorc). Awesome job last night.

So what did I get.

Bloodlord Skullcase

Bloodlord Shoulderguards

With my Bloodlord Gauntlets, and Anni Boots.  That puts me to 4/5 wards. Hopefully soon I can head into the City Dungeons.


4 Responses to “Center Bastion Stair, and a special thanks.”

  1. Makhra is an awesome player and team leader. But watch out for Yulia… he/she likes to walk around nekkid and tells random people to touch/click on him/her.

  2. LOL, yeah Yulia does get nekkid alot.

  3. Thanks for coming Rivs! I’m glad we got some usable set items… always seems like we get drops for classes that aren’t in the group heh.

    Shaemonu was the zealot, and yeah, that debuff seems pretty cool. Definately have to test that one out a bit more… anyway you Einherjar guys are rock stars and it’s always a pleasure. Cool blog btw!

  4. Thanks, I try.

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