Interesting things are afoot.

Raegn over at Fires of War conducted an email interview of Paul Barnett. I wanted to thank them both, it’s nice to know to have the support of the company that made the product you so lovingly support. Would I get that support if I blogged about Cheese, I don’t think so.   Also Keen and Graev got an interesting package and the WAR world is abuzz.  They say the Dwarf Slayer is coming. Which I hope so….more Skulls for the Skull throne I say, more Blood for the Blood god.

So I’m excited it’s an interesting time for WAR, and end of January looks like it won’t let us down, but Mythic please oh please don’t forget to keep tweaking things. Open RvR still needs some help, Itemzation for Chosen need some help. 

The results for the Greenies are in. I wanted to thank everyone that voted for me. We’ll get them next year. Also I wanted to congratulate all the winners. You guys and gals work hard for the community, and you deserve all the recognition you deserve.


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