Impressions of Bilerot.

Ok let me start off by saying, I’m huge fan of Nurgle, and his bile spewing minions. I loved them since the beginning when I fielded an army of plague marines.

So I was geeked up to go into Bilerot Burrows, and see what Nurgle can pit against my skills, and the skills of my guildies.  I went in with a guild group consisting of Lomilgaron, or Lomi for short (Fellow Chosen), Whynot (Zealot), Lita ( Sorc), Debdoes (Witch Elf), and Shaddough (DoK).

This being the harder dungeon, and some of us being our first time in there I think we did a fabulous job, Only a few wipes, and some problem with second boss, and one with the last.

The hardest thing was a mob, I think it’s called plague hound, where me and Lomi kited him around.

The first boss, was pure tank and spank. Easy as heck.   Second boss, not so easy. The problem with him was finding our groove to kill the nurglings that popped. Once that was acheived we got him down.  The third boss,we wiped once, but after that we got our groove down too. Tip of the day: Stick and move.

Sure PvE isn’t as polished as WoW, but you know what I had some real fun.  It helps the group you went with has been playing MMO’s with you for years I’m sure.  I also want to say thanks to Lomi my faith in Chosen being the main tank has been restored. I wanted to say thanks to my guildies, and hope that we go in there again to tear it up.  I’m so ready for Bloodwrought.

Want more info on Bilerot. Thulf has some more info for you on Stunty Stomper.

There is a rumor, I call it a rumor and not gospel truth, well  I doubt the source, but sometimes rumors have kernals of truth. So I will post it.


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