Impressions of Bloodwrought

Simply that I love it. It’s a wham, bam, thank you ma’am

The bosses are little buggy, but if you go in with a good group shouldn’t take long at all.  I went in with Lomigaron (Chosen), Lita ( Sorc), Astei (DoK), Puddleduck (Shaman), and Dogfreud ( Magus)

First boss actually reset on us, and we had to kill him and the musician twice. But it was easy as hell.

Second boss bugged out once, and I had to learn the strat a bit, but once I got the hang of the kiting him around. It was a piece of pie. That’s right I said it, Pie. I like pie.


Thulf over at Stunty Stomper, got some info for ya. If you need it.

It’s a nice short instance, and my group got some loot.  I’m wondering though the right wing, we didn’t go down. Why is there no loot? No hidden secrets down that path?

Edit: Thulf answered my question for me, on that link in the comments section. Thanks Thulf


4 Responses to “Impressions of Bloodwrought”

  1. One of these days I might break down and try Warhammer. I read a few Warhammer blogs regularly. Compared to WOW how are the boss fights?

  2. There some bugs to work out yet on some bosses. But it’s just like WoW some bosses are easy tank and spank, some require more work. Like the Bile Lord in Bilerot. One cool thing is I never been swallowed by a boss before, or have to puke in a dungeon to purge a debuff.

    The instances are quicker less trash, and when done right some of it can be challenging. When done wrong…well we know what happens then.

    Thing with WAR though even though PvE is ok, it isn’t as good as WoW cause WoW is more of a PvE game, that threw in PvP. WAR it’s all about the PvP, or RvR to be exact.

  3. Actually it is a bit off now the right wing bosses can drop sentinel belts now, but it is not guaranteed by any means. Other than that the left win and the middle wing should be do-able in about 15 min now that you have it down 😀

  4. shadowwar Says:

    I loved bloodwrought the handful of times I did before my great switch. The main boss in there was a lot of fun. Standing on the stairs, healing, scare to death his ass was going to run up the stairs for a light snack of DoK if things went wrong was entertaining. Glad you’re having a good time in them.

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