Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Last night me and a bunch of people from the guild Jaded Souls went in and faced Skull Lord Var’throk.

I would say one of thee hardest fights I faced. The people I went in with were proper villians indeed. Went in with Mahkra (DOK), Grillik (BO, who is in another awesome guild Rolling Thunder), Shaem ( Zealot), Fazol (Sorc), and Yulia (WE). Then there was me a Chosen. It took us a couple tries to learn the fight. I don’t think this fight Wards matter, because Grillik is decked out in Sentinal, and still hitting like a Mack Truck

Tips –

1. Have your Tank stand next to the edge of the Arena. Skull Lord kicks hard. Having him stand next to a wall helped ALOT.

2. Make sure you use some Elemental Resists that seemed to help a tad, also a zealot debuff helps alot too.

3. The Skull Lord releases 3 hounds every so often, their normal mobs, but can cause havoc among the healers though. Have your second tank taunt them off the squishies.

4. Make sure your guards are on.

It was a rough battle, but Mahkra got his bloodlord chest, and I got my bloodlord boots from an earlier boss that evening, not Skull Lord. So now I’m 4/5 Bloodlord, damn it I want that chest, and title. So me and the Skull Lord are going to be very good friends indeed.

I’m finding that this combo really is effective. BO, DOK, Zealot, Sorc, WE, Chosen for 6 manning things. Either that or we just work well as team as individuals, or were just so fricking awesome.

I like to think were just really awesome. 🙂


3 Responses to “Skulls for the Skull Throne!”

  1. You guys are all awesome. I’ll be happy to help you get your chest man, as many times as you need to go. I said help you get it..not…omg

  2. Grats, one more piece to go!

    Is there a cooldown for running instances in WAR?

  3. Bloodwrought and Bilrot – 3 days
    Bastion Stairs – 24 hours
    Lost Vale – 5days
    Gunbad – 30 minutes

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