Corp Resists for Dungeons

I am seriously thinking of slapping some Corp resist talismans into my set, instead of wounds to see if it helps or not. From what I have been reading it has.  I’m just really worried about loss of wounds.

I think Chosen Armor really needs to be reitemized, some of the stuff is pure crap. The Elite stuff from the Bastion Stair was so crappy, it almost made me weep.  

I see armor with Willpower, and think in theory it would be awesome to just have a Caster Killer with high amount of Willpower to disrupt the casters, but that’s just theory for now, and being in the I.T. Industry I’ve learned Theory, and Reality seldom meet, and when they do it’s even more seldom very pretty.


7 Responses to “Corp Resists for Dungeons”

  1. Well the elite reward from bastion is crap for almost every class tbh, but as for a tanking chosen the gear is not half bad, stick to wounds, initiative, and toughness for tanking and the rest will fall into place. Although it sounds like you are doing fine so far.

  2. willpower is pretty worthless. you know this because the healers who stack this get killed by casters just as fast as everyone else, they are not resisting a ton of spells so the chances of a tank getting more willpower than a healer is pretty much impossible.

  3. I don’t think it has to do with resisting the spell, but disrupting which I’m not 100% sure what the hell that entails. I smell a Monday post. HAHA

  4. I have been meaning to throw some spirit resists in my stuff too. I really don’t know much about how talismans work these days. The fact they time out bothers me. There are perm ones still right?

  5. There are perms ones you get from public quest influence that really is the best route to go. I don’t know if there are resist permenent ones you can make, but I bet there expensive. +19 Wounds perm talismans go for 200gold on our server. Screeewww that.

  6. With most of the city dungeons that I’ve ran/seen run on my BFs character, the tanks has had Corp resist talismans in his armor. I think you’d be right in trying it out. There’s several quests and influence rewards in the late game that give +100 or +125 corp talismans. I’d been just vendoring the things because I thought there was no demand. As your friends to hold on to them and you could probably try it out with little gold output 🙂

  7. For PvE tanking your main set should be focused around wounds. There is some jewelry that yields high resist. plus a renown weapon with talisman slots and should you get 2nd pieces of sentinel you can use all those to create resist sets, but usually its enough to switch out some jewelry/weapon to ease the pain a bit. But your main tanking set should be stacked with wounds as you’ll need that all the time and its only very few encounter where resists help the tank much.

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