Wow the difference…

So this weekend, I got my final lesser ward gear, the Annihilator Carapace.

So that’s 4 Bloodlord pieces, and the Carapace. Man I solo tanked Bloodwrought, what a difference when you have 5/5 wards. I really look forward to heading in there more, and getting some Sentinal gear. I still want my final piece of Bloodlord.

I had a run in with a CSR this weekend. I went in to kill the Skull Lord, and the quest you needed was a Chosen Spear quest item. It fricking disappeared from my inventory. So I got it back from the CSR which was cool. CSR said, ” Is there anything else I can do for you?”  I said, “Yeah you can get me the Bloodlord Chestpiece”  CSR replied, “Is that a quest reward?”

Now when those angel and devil appear on your shoulders telling you what you should say. My honest nature won out though, ” I said no it’s a drop, I was kidding.”  But I wonder what would of happened if I went down the dark side path.

I hear they have cookies there.


4 Responses to “Wow the difference…”

  1. Good sir, what are you doing playing chaos, yet not doing everything in your power to gain every advantage possible. The roleplayers would be ashamed.

  2. Chaos is getting weaker everyday it seems 😉

    (or that CSR doesn’t play the game or have a clue what is going on)

  3. Wantsumbier Says:

    Did I say Bloodlord Chestpiece? I ment the sword of 1000 truths…(Yes it was WoW, but southpark FTW!!!)

  4. Like my buddies blog says…RP that way >>>

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