Day off.

Well I ain’t going to post much today. Going to the Metallica concert tonight.

Might be a little tomorrow, well lets say under the weather, and when I say under weather I mean hungover so I don’t really know if there will be a post tomorrow.

But I’ve set up shop in Praag, trying to get this. Almost there….almost.

Not much shield love around, but you gotta love that one.


4 Responses to “Day off.”

  1. THAT is a nice shield!

  2. I saw Metallica in DC. Wasn’t their best show, but still friggan amazing! It also rocks if you dropped the extra $10 to get the mp3s of the show. It’s neat to listen to the very show I was at.

  3. Ah metallica… I haven’t been to one of their concerts since 98. Great stuff and I do enjoy the new album.

  4. I caught Metallica when they were in St. Louis a couple months ago. Like Werit, I hadn’t seen them since 98. They still put on a good show. Definitely good enough for the free tickets I came across…

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