Riddle me this Batman…

Well the land of WAR is all abuzz as to the new events, Thulf got a lot of info.  Mythic did ask for my snail mail address. I have been checking my mail daily, as of yet nothing. I’ll check it today, see if I got anything.  I think we can safely say new classes incoming, and some new dungeons.  A Darkness Fall type dungeon would be purely awesomeness if that is true.

Last night I went into Bilerot. That place seems buggy as hell sometimes. My Guard wasn’t working correctly. All the plaguebeasts were kinda easy to take down, except one was a Superbeast, and wiped us.  I know this isn’t a PvE game, but when wierd things happen it kinda irksome.  

Hopefully this will get better.  Though I love RvR, when I get a good group together I do enjoy my PvE.


Addendum: Looks like things are official….Press Release. Get to the Choppa!!


3 Responses to “Riddle me this Batman…”

  1. They may use you for something else down the line.

    it’s all true 🙂

  2. nice. congrats on even getting asked for your address, even if they never send anything!!!

    i read every post, so i can’t wait to get the DL on what you get!

  3. yep, some of them are superbeasts. We have run Bilerot one MILLION times and still don’t know why some are bred nastier than others.

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