Age of Blogging: A little look back.

As this month comes to a close, I sit in amazement. My cup runneth over, my blogroll is huge. When Syp approached his fellow bloggers about this, I thought yeah we should get one or two more blogs into the fold. Never in my wild dreams did I think that that people would answer the call like they did.  

There is some amazing talent, my eyes are bleeding I’m reading so much these days.  I want to welcome officially all the new bloggers, and apologize if I was remiss in adding you the blogroll, as I’m sure one or 20 slipped through my tenuous grasp, or maybe it was my alcohol laden brain cells. In either case if I did miss you, don’t take it to heart, just let me know. I’ll fix that, and add you toot sweet.

I also want to thank my fellow bloggers who helped this endeavour, without them I wouldn’t be here. It’s from you that I derive my inspiration. This experiment of a blog, turned into something bigger, and from it  I become better, not just as a writer, but as a player. It also gave me a chance to meet some wonderful new people from all over the world. 

Last but never least I want to thank the people that read this blog. I picked the title Way of the Chosen, not just it’s the class I play or love. Chosen means to me special, selected by a higher power, set apart from others. In some way that in the fact your reading my words, that you have chosen me.  When I say ‘Way’  is that I feel it is a path, a path that we all follow you as well as me.  That this is a journey, not only through the realms of War, but it is our journey as a community. A journey as we play this game we fell in love with.  A journey I hope you continue to take with me into the future. As we spread Change unto the world of WAR.

So from the bottom of my soulless Chosen heart thank you all, and let us unleash Chaos for all eternity!!!!


5 Responses to “Age of Blogging: A little look back.”

  1. peequeque Says:

    I have to say, I spend more time reading my blogroll than playing WAR nowadays. Also, you did forget my link on your blogroll (but you are forgiven)

  2. Added!

  3. What a great initiative, its added so many readers to my addon review site 🙂

  4. I think I speak for the great non-blogging masses when I say that it’s been a pleasure on our end as well. Keep up the good work, Rivs… you ever stop by Red Eye Mountain, look me up.

    For the Raven God!

  5. shadowwar Says:

    I’ve been very happy about this initiative as well (it’s what got me going). Here’s to continued writings in the community!

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