Official Forums, I can’t wait…really I can’t

Wierd weekend on my blog. Some guy tells me off on a post that is old.  The post where I said this was here. . .  Now let me point something out. I’m a Chosen. Knights are my mirror. Now maybe I Role Play a tosh more then I should, but I really do hate them. I hate them because they seem to be a little more tweaked then me. So I like to jab and poke at them.  Obviously there was a comment that was so absurd that Regis edited it. Was it because of my comment, I don’t know.  So a guy reads a month old post and thinks I’m an a-hole, and says so on a post 3 months old.  I just find the whole situation quite humorous, if not a little absurd.

Well it looks like I peeved someone on my server this weekend.  Ok let me explain, my side of things. So I’m working Praag over trying to get my nice new shield. It’s  in the wee morning hours. I see the Northern Keep under attack. I got awesome maybe a chance to get some Inf for me shield. So I go up there, and there’s about 6-8 Order. They pulled just the Lord out of the room, and working him down outside. Ok I think it’s a little cheap, but I’m not going to go so far as to get all higher then though attitude and say it’s wrong to ninja the lord like that. I do get angry though, and try to disrupt the proceedings, Since I’m the only one there it does not bode well for me, but this WH was there who was doing the pulling and such.

So I get destroyed, no prob. I set up shop at the Southern Keep, get oil and such. Well they get through, and they start ninjaing the lord again. But this time I have 2 friends and guildies with me. a DOK/ and a BG.  So we route them, they seem to lose their stomach for battle against the whole 3 of us.

I was sitting on top of the keep wall, when a lone WH comes starts beckoning me.  The BG friend of mine says hey the witch hunter is calling you out. I thought it was funny, and since I’m a little unbalanced.  I was thinking well lets give him a show, and I knew my friends would avenge me if I died. I jumped off the keep right at him. I was down to nothing on my health. Well for whatever reasons he hesitates, my 2 friends show up, make mince meat of him.

This angers him more, he keeps showing up. He keeps dyeing. So he posts something like fairness, zerg mentality. This angers me where does this guy come off telling me about zerg mentality when minutes ago 5 of his friends just handed me my lone ass.

So excuse me if I am not that excited about Official forums, I can take it or leave it.


10 Responses to “Official Forums, I can’t wait…really I can’t”

  1. shadowwar Says:

    Here’s how I try to think of it: If you’re pissing them off, you’re doing something right.

    Clowns and twerts exist everywhere, no matter the game/forum. I for one, am not particullarly down on the forum thing either, but hey, not my decision, just one more site I won’t be able to go to at work. 😉

  2. It was basically just trash talk on Chosen, with several f-bombs and other completely uncalled for words.

  3. I’ll read the official forums just as much as I read the unofficial ones, never. I find it better just flat out ignore all the stupid and drama and live in my little bubble. I don’t imagine the official forums will be any better than the ones currently… in fact they’re likely to be worse. There’s something bout know that devs are reading that just brings out the arse in everyone. Do yourself a favor and just don’t read 😉 You’ll hate humanity a bit less.

  4. I’m not really a forum person, especially if it’s just going to attract the minority trolls/people who take the fight outside the game. I don’t run around seriously hating the people behind Odogg and Blades on Monolith, I think they’re bloody fantastic to have played that well that they inspire FEAR in me. Some people however, they just take it too seriously…

  5. Forums are fine as long as you don’t dip in the flamebait. I like spamming the Basic Questions and User to User Support in Warhammer Alliance 🙂

    On the commenter, I guess when you have an abrasive writing tone, you get more attention than usual.

  6. There will be some good out of the WAR community focused in one place (well 2, since GOA will have their own forums for Europe), but also like everyone here it seens, I’m wary for the WoW forum style hate fest we will probably end up with…

    I hope everyone is ready for the monstrous pile of “Epic Fail111!!, Dev’s are tards, WoW sucks, WAR sucks, everyone sucks, blah blah blah. ” 😉

  7. I think that’s fantastic! You’re going to peeve people off, they’re going to blame their losses on everything but themselves and there will always be a way for them to publicly vent that frustration; officially or not. Either way, you should feel super uber if you and a couple of guildies are considered a zerg! The three of you should try taking a fortress next.

  8. Yeah I got a screw lose, I tried taking a keep by myself. The heal aura…not so good.

    Maybe I should seek help, I jump off keep, try to take them by myself…what next…Going to gunbad naked…maaaaybee. 🙂

  9. The duelling and pre-arranged fights are getting out of hand on Ostermark. That sort of activity breeds the behavior that the Witch Hunter was exhibiting. I find it difficult to muster sympathy for players like that.

  10. Hi people… 🙂

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