I hear you knocking but you can’t come in.

Ok this game isn’t about the PvE, but I still enjoy it from time to time so sue me. I know for the sake to slow progression so that Mythic might get some extra money they need to slow things down. But I think for Bilerot/Bloodwrought 3 days is excessive.  I didn’t mind the lockouts of the dungeons in WoW, simply for the fact I was in there for 2 or 3 days of the lockout like the old Blackwing Lair days, we clear first part of the dungeon then the next time we would finish the dungeon.

I beleive Bile was meant to be something like this, because things despawn after you finish the boss.

Bile, and Blood are was too simple to be locked out for so long. Even if they knocked it down to 2 days it would be alot better.  Do you think 3 days is a tosh excessive for Bile/Blood?


6 Responses to “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in.”

  1. Unfortunately, every time I do a /who 40 when there’s no-one out in the RvR lakes, it’s because they’re all in the IC dungeons or Lost Vale. I imagine it’s the same for Order. Even with the 3-day lockout timers, people are choosing to grind for PvE gear in WAR because it’s simply too ridiculously hard to get in RvR.

  2. One thing that might help with gearing up people for RvR is if Mythic introduced an option to chose *not* to roll on ORvR or PQ rewards.

    There are a few people I know with full annihilator who still love to do ORvR, and they do well at it. The problem that occurs is that they feel bad when they win one of the few gold bags that they just don’t need.

    Introducing a pass option for rolling on a bag would do everyone a favor. More people get the gear they need and a smaller number of people don’t feel like douches for winning rolls on gold bags they don’t need.

  3. I like helping my guild with dungoens but if it was more than once every 3 days I might tell them to stick it!

  4. I’ve not been (un)fortunate enough to have the time to try the PvE in WAR yet. Almost full annihilator, so maybe I can just bypass the whole PvE aspect of WAR (having a blast in ORvR when people are actually out in the lakes).

    But yeah, a 3 day lockout of PvE content might be a little much (again, I’m speaking from having zero experience with the PvE dungeons here).

  5. Don’t mind the lockout timer that much. The itemisation on the other hand… I know it benefits mythic to stop people gearing up too quickly, but ever since we started doing the IC dungeons, we had an average of one drop per run that could be used by somebody present, the rest had to be salvaged. And it’s frustrating to no end to have an item you’ve been farming the place for drop for the group running earlier/later and have it salvaged only because there’s no one that needs it there.

  6. Snafzg, that’s your server mate, they’re not all like that. I’m on Karak-Hirn (EU) and whilst people are doing the dungeons for Sentinel, etc, there’s always oRvR if you want it. When I’m on it’s generally between sorta 8pm to midnight and there’s constant scrapping to take part in 🙂 I certainly agree though there should be more equipment options through PvP that provide wards.

    I suspect the lock out timers were designed when they were planning on having 3 cities per faction, presumably each with 2 city dungeons in. That way people will most likely always have an instance they could run.

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