Much kudos to everyone on Destro side who participated on the Server Ungrim. They took out Shining Way, and made a few attempts on Reikland on 2/5/09

I also like to thank Order who showed up to defend , wow they did a good job.

I’d also like to thank the leadership of several guilds, and people from my guild especially who made this attack possible. I won’t call you out, but you know who you are.

Closest I came to on this server to making an attempt on the City. We’re getting closer.

Amidst all the nay saying, the gloom, and the doom. This really lifted the spirits of the Destro side on my server. I really hope defending Reikland did the same for Order.

In sincere hope, I wish Order retaliates, cause that would be cool indeed.


6 Responses to “Blitzkrieg”

  1. starbreakerpvp Says:

    I also posted on the RvR tonight. I had a blast! It was scary, exciting, and utterly refreshing to see destro almost sack altdorf (or the closest I’ve seen). Glad to hear you had as much fun as we did!

  2. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t left Schism to play on the side of Order… almost. They were a great bunch of folk, and I do miss them.

  3. Last night was a very well planned and coordinated fortress push. Multiple warbands had their own orders, each group in each warband had their own duties and each person had a different role in those groups. The first fortress fell in a matter of minutes. The strategies and planning really paid off.

    The first push on the second fortress came to an unfortunate end when the lord reset at 60% due to a knockback on the tank. The second push was without the warded tanking warband. They were locked out of the zone due to population. However, we did learn alot about that lord:)

    Congratulations to the destruction on Ungrim, that was an excellent run. Order had to have loved it. They got to do their favorite thing all night. Sit in a keep and not fight:P

  4. I hope Order does retaliate and I hope you are stomped by a group of White Lions… see how you like me now mate 😛 j/k of coarse. If I make an Destro character which im sure I will I’ll make sure to join your server.

  5. I play on EU Karak Eight Peaks (core server) and last night we had a IC raid.
    As a Order player I can confirm that Order is very good on defense even though its a random has warband. But the real fun starts when everything is coordinated and especially when you come across the other faction.

  6. Props to destro. You guys excercised perfect control… there was little we could do. The zone flipped so fast we were completely caught with our pants down.

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