Feel the love.

First off, I’m not much a talk radio type of guy, so podcasts never really done anything for me, but I was listening to a recent WA podcast which they show me some love. I find myself listening to the whole thing, and enjoyed it immensely. So either I’ve been remiss in this whole podcast thing, or maybe I’m finally an old ass man and I’m starting to like talk radio. Anywho, I urge you to check these guys out, and other podcasts. Heres some love to WA podcast. Also check out Chaoscast, and Lagwar both good ones too.

I feel the need to touch on the announcement of layoffs, and 300k subscribers. I don’t want to dwell on it. First my heart goes out to the people laid off. You guys made a fine product, I’m sure you will find work somewhere. As for the 300k subscribers, I feel everyday WAR gets better, and through word of mouth when the shine wears off of WoW, I think we will hit much higher numbers. An early prediction by the close of 2009 we will be at 500k subscribers. If were not, I’ll shave my hair into a mohawk, and paint it orange.

Bottomline success of a game to me is whether I like it or not. I like this game, and I’m pretty sure a couple other people do to.


3 Responses to “Feel the love.”

  1. Cross my fingers… for all of us.

  2. Mohawk?

    Cross-breed between a Slayer and a Chosen? oh..*shudders*
    If you shave your hair off, we should also re-decorate your chaos tattoo?! 😉

  3. My tattoo..NEVAH!

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