Leader of Men

Ok being a Tank in terms of PvE  is sometimes more then just whacking on mobs, while everyone else kills them.  You set the tone for the instance, you kind of have to tell what’s going to happen. Not all the time, but once you learn the encounter, people look to you for guidance and input. You kind of have to be some sort of leader when your a tank.

That’s the only thing I don’t feel comfortable about the Tank Role. Sometimes you can get away with just taking orders, but one time or another in your tanking career your going to have to lead.

The problem is I am a consummate follower. Meaning I take orders well, and I’m loyal to the bone.  I don’t think anyone likes to fail, but when I’m leading and we fail its doubly worse, because I feel like I let everyone down in that group. For example I led a group into Bloodwrought, the last boss was bugging out something fierce, my usual tanking tactics were not working, so it took us several times, and a few near wipes to kill him. I felt really bad, not my fault, Mythics fault for not fixing bugs I know, but I still felt bad.

So in my eagerness to kill the Skull Lord againin Bastion Stair, and try to get my Bloodlord Breastplate, I have organized an event for tonight to farm the hell out of Bastion. I have to be honest though even if I been there a million times. I am still nervous, and I hope things go ok.


6 Responses to “Leader of Men”

  1. I agree and I think this is the one negative about tanking but keep in mind that there are more positives to tanking like: getting geared out first, people need tanks which raises the certainty that you will be getting into groups and last but certainly not least is the feeling you get at successfully tanking a dungeon that had given you so much trouble in the past. You feel invicible and godlike. Does the good out weigh the bad? Only you can answer this question and your answer will determine whether you should tank or not. (I mean you as in anyone thinking about tanking and this same theory can be applied to healing as well. Both jobs have high risk and high reward.) -Nosmo King

  2. LOL Nosmo the first time I straight up tanked a plaguebeast in Bile I felt like superman.

  3. Dude I feel the same way. I dont want to be the one resposible for a possible wipe…

    Last night when I was playing I noticed that on rvr taking a keep that if a tank had been resposible for each champion and healer resposible for each tank we wouldnt have wiped like 3 times. Luckily I was dps so i had nothing to do with it…

    Unless Im completely wrong…


  4. I always loved what you hate about being a tank. Being the one in the lead, pulling a group through hell and high water. Setting the pace and tone for the group. Determing when the fights start and end usually. When you’re with a good group, the “stress factor” melts away almost, and eveyone just does their job like a well-oiled machine.

  5. I found this out as well. I sort of like it though, although I play a different game (WOW) people still look to me to lead so I make a habit of reading up n the fights before i enter an instance. At times I will go through the lowbie instance with a high level toon just to get the feel of the place.

  6. PvE concepts in MMO’s are rarely different. Tank/DPS/Healer usually the roles are always the same.

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