Almost under my nose.

Whaaa…2 posts…one day…

I’m a little excited.Seidel from my last post, Thanks buddy, pointed something out which has potential to be huge. I say potential depending on just how much blastwave negates of wounds. Could you imagine taking away the wounds, effectively the hitpoint of squishies around you. I can just see the Witch Elves licking their lips already…with their half naked selves.

But it’s way to early to get to excited….we ALL know what happens when we assume too much. We make an Ass out of Mark Jacobs and Me…or something like that.


2 Responses to “Almost under my nose.”

  1. BTW:

    I hate you 😉

  2. 1.12 isn’t the end of the world for Chosens, it’s actually a new beginning. You have to realize the fact that soon we will be flooded by Slayers, which are the archetype that we are supposed to counter. All the spirit damage changes won’t lower our dps against melee dps at all. So basically, the blast wave upgrade + the slayer crowd should give a new meaning to your chosen’s existence.

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