Resistance is futile

So I got a bug up my ass lately, adI was thinking of replacing my wounds gems with resistence ones, mixture of Elemental, and Corporal, but from what I hear there is a nerf incoming where Resistances will soon be giving diminishing returns.

One of my fellow chosen is decked out in corp resists, but I want to mix it up and put some elemental resist in the mix for shining way lord.

I think it’s a little to soon to go there,  I have to get my Sentinel gear first, and that aint just happening. After several runs I still have not had one drop, besides the damn belt…WOOT!.

Sad thing is alot more people in my guild are warded up and ready to hit LV, where will that leave me? Running Pugs..*shivers*

I did win some conqueor boots, in a scenario out of the blue. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and that I won too was just awesome.


3 Responses to “Resistance is futile”

  1. I broke down and bought my conq boots. I see, if I am lucky, 1 conq piece a week drop and have never seen an Eng piece yet.

  2. Grats. I hope you get geared up soon. I’ve been continuing my luck with gear, and got my sent gloves last night. So, I currently have 3 greater wards, with my conq. boots waiting in the chamber for when I ding RR40. I can almost smell LV.

  3. Gratz on the Conquer boots man! I’m still tryin’ to hit R40… I RvR too much. Have yet to see ya on the field. I’ll have to check my Book of Grudges and see if we’ve swiped blades.

    Happy gaming dude! Good luck getting the rest of your set. Its a pain in the ass! haha

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