The Ungrim Plague

I don’t know how it is on your server, but here in US-Ungrim (which is lower/mediumpop) is suffering from some sort of malaise on Destro side. This may become a problem, the more people that get bored, the more people stop playing or leave. The more people leave the server becomes that much emptier. The emptier a server gets the more people that get bored. It’s a vicious circle. Like some sort of plague. Whats suffering the most our the lower tiers. Their empty, literally.

I don’t know. I hope the new classes, and 1.2 will revitalize our server, or perhaps we can get another server merge. How’s the general attitude on your server?


7 Responses to “The Ungrim Plague”

  1. Badlands is doing great, I think. It’s been a week or two since I was down T1 way, but T2 seemed to be hopping. And T4 is constantly on the move. Hopefully the new classes will help your server out.

  2. I can see the release of Slayers and Choppas bringing some life back into the lower tiers.

    Badlands is usually med/med pop with a slight Destro advantage. Any Tier 4 progress lately has been all Destro. They’ve even pushed Altdorf into a contested state a few weeks back.

    IIRC, Order had made progress in T4 back when I was a fresh transfer from another ghost town server (Bretonnia), so I’d venture a guess that T4 Order are losing interest.

  3. Ironfist is pretty well even, and fairly popular in T4. We recently had one of our bigger guilds re-roll to Dark Crag, but we’re still busy, and zones are usually flipping nightly, with at least one fortress push a week. This may sound slow, but the stalemate is really because the two sides are so evenly matched. We’ve had one (count it, ONE) fortress capture, and it was by an exploit/bug/glitch. Otherwise, it’s a deadlock.

    I just rolled a knight to play as an alt, and noticed it’s a bit quiet, but I’ve still found ORvR in T1 to play with, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

  4. For me this is one of the really big differencea between this and WoW really. WoW’s not really a MMO in some ways, you could play on a server with 30 people and do everything the game has to offer (not counting it’s PvP because, well it doesn’t count).

    Where as WAR is a true MASSIVELY Multiplayer online game. It’s totally dependent on a large, active player base to get the best of what the game is good at.

    I’ve lucked out on my server, it’s got a very active and competitive Tier4. If I’d been unlucky I imagine I wouldn’t be so happy in WAR.

  5. Depends on when you log on. Last sunday (at whatever time I logged on) all servers were at Med Pop with the exception of 5. Four were still Low Pop and Dark Crag actually had a queue to get in! It’s harder for me to log on at peak hours as I am currently living in Hawaii.

  6. I think part of the problem is that Warhammer hits 6 months this week. So I think people that purchased a 6 month deal or billed every 3 months are leaving before it re-ups. Just a thought I had.


  7. Crowded and Order zerged would be the answer. PT currently has a 60/30 split in Order’s favor says the Census add-on data. It’s also cheaty, with the most recent Destro fortress battled locked out by a dozen Order guilds choosing to drop banners all over the boss room so that no Destro could even get in the room. It’s busy at pretty much all hours, never lacking for ORvR at decent hours but it’s not an RP server and hasn’t been for a very long time. I think I’d trade for a less busy server to get a better community.

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