Traitorous Dog!!!!

So I ran Bilerot, and Bloodwrought for the 20+ time last night, and yet again not one piece of gear. I’ll never see Lost Vale at this rate.  In a fit of rage. I created a Witch Hunter on Dark Crag named what else Rivs.

Wow people in Tier 1, how odd is that. I don’t know if the fact that there was people there, or that I actually liked the Witch Hunter class. It was a nice change of pace.  Also it was nice to dole out the damage, instead of taking it.  Also like to thank Chobie for this last night.. Purloined Rapier

The problem with this game is that it needs people, if it doesn’t have people it sucks. WoW you could play all day and not see a soul, and be ok with that. Heck sometimes on my mage, I prefered it that way.

Am I giving up on my Chosen, and Ungrim. Never!!! It’s hard though to try to stay optimistic when your whole server just isn’t playing that much anymore, and your not making any gains through your efforts.

Will I stick with the Witch Hunter, maybe for now at least I’ll work on him a bit, but after I do I feel like I need to take a shower. I feel all dirty inside.


12 Responses to “Traitorous Dog!!!!”

  1. The power of Sigmar compels you!

    Admit it… you enjoyed being able to mete out judgement on the corrupted souls who follow Tzeentch! 😉

    In all seriousness, glad you enjoyed yourself =P I’ve been messing around with a Magus lately myself. I can sense a witch hunter stalking me right now…

  2. Dude come to Praag! join up with my Destro there!! more people good times!! its what you neeeeeeeeeed!

  3. Well I vote coming to Praag as well but play order 😀 we have cookies and milk!

  4. Drop Dark Crag, come to Ironfist, you’ll have more fun over here.

  5. Apparently, we all want to play with you. But seriously, we’re outnumbered and could use a hand. Plus, I can tank shit for you with my new Knight.

    We have cake AND pie.

  6. Rivs is ours. You’ll never get him from us even though he traitored his ass and rolled a WH, I hate them!

    Ok, I’ll roll an order toon too 🙂

  7. Wantsumbier Says:

    Praag is usually hopping. Hell i tried to log in to my IB caugh on Drark Crag the other night and there was a 35 min wait! So just like a good lil Destro DoK i logged back on Praag and made sushi out of some order.

    BTW i tainted their milk, cookies, cakes, and pies

  8. I feel special. Thanks, but I’m going to stay put for right now with the toons I got. I love the people I play with, even Morteth.

    But dont be surprised if you see a Rivs on your server. I want a 40 on every server LOL!

  9. You know you could have linked to Lost Vale for this Wowhammer noob, I had no clue what the heck Lost Vale was. I checked it out. I see it’s on a five-day timer? Are those similar to WOW raids? I know WOW raids are on a seven-day timer, boo!

    It surely is frustrating when a piece of gear you want doesn’t drop. I’ve been where you are with my WOW priest. A tanking buddy convinced me to run an instance one more time and the Mace of Unrequited Love dropped. Ahh, good times…

    I’m wondering if my Windows laptop can handle Warhammer? I’ll have to check that out this week. If not I might have to (eventually) pull out my Windows desktop just to check it out. Sighs

  10. @Lomasi

    Lost Vale is a single group instance that is fairly large and is usually completed over a couple sessions, usually one for each “wing” of the instance.

    As-is, no real “raids” in the typical sense (multi-group PvE content) exist, other than killing the King of the enemies capital, which noone has really done yet. Even then, to get to the “typical” raid, you need to participate in a large amount of PvP content first.

  11. Dude, seriously, you got into the psuedo guild over there already right? Oh yea! I remember I hooked you up son 😛

    I don’t know why I never clicked on your link before. But I’m sure I’ll troll it now. So, write more please, oh and I’ll bring the pickles. 🙂

  12. LOL! Unlike Jimmy Johns I deliver the pickles!!!

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