Good News from The PTS.

My dwarven engineer buddy Werit, checked out the PTS. His report gave me a chuckle, the Blast Wave is now supposed to debuff wounds, instead of resistances, but Mythic screwed up and didn’t change the values. Even though it was a bug, it gave me a little hope for the future.

Snafzg over at the Greenskin said he was having troubles copying to the PTS, turns out it was Mythic’s problem not Snafzg’s. In turn which means I won’t even try to copy. I’ll just wait it out like everyone else.

Last night I was in a funk gaming wise. I played a little WAR, worked on my Witch Hunter, which was fun, but I die ALOT. I still have tank mentality. I logged on my Chosen, I didn’t have the stomach to do scenarios, and the ORvR wasn’t happening. So I just logged off.

Sitting there, bored, I did the unthinkable, I reupped my WoW subscription, It’s been a month or two since I logged into my server Garona, and I didn’t really know anyone in my guild. I saw an old friend online though, an ex-guildie that used to be called PinkyStinky. We chatted for awhile. She showed me the Mirror Image spell which is cool. I shouted, “All of you make me some PIE!!!”  Ah the good ole days when I use to aggravate the female gamers of our guild by playing the chauvinistic role on my drunken warrior.

No I’m not switching teams, or quitting WAR.  I don’t know if I’ll be resubbing next month to WoW or not, playing it or not. It was just nice though to chat with an old friend….but don’t be surprised if a The Way of Death blog comes out. 😛


7 Responses to “Good News from The PTS.”

  1. I’m sure Chosen everywhere had a chuckle 🙂 As I watched my health drop 4k in 1 hit… it wasn’t so much as a chuckle and more of a gasp. It seems to have been fixed according to the boards though.

  2. If you’re that disenchanted with things, you should really play full time on Dark Crag or Praag and only log onto your Chosen for dungeon runs.

    I’ve hit BWE/BB I don’t know how many times, have 4/6 Sent and when my chestpiece dropped it went to someones alt in the guild. I was a little, disappointed? He barely plays..

    Anyway, that’s wht I do. My server is essentially dead and i’m hoping for a server transfer/consolidation.

  3. Want it on the record, I love this game. I really like ALOT of aspects of it. The Chosen is probably the funnest tank class I ever played. The problem may lie in the attitude of the server overall, or the attitude I have in real life.

    Mythic could merge a server, but Mythic cant fix my personal life…or can they. LOL!!! I need River Life 2.0 patch.

  4. “Mythic could merge a server”

    Looks like you’re getting your wish, amigo.

    Seems the Ungrim and REM guilds are getting together to merge to the same target. Look forward to splitting open some Order heads with you.

  5. Legends, our allies, along with destro guilds such as Whaaaaful House are headin over to Iron Rock. I hope to see you there!

  6. Don’t walk toward the light!

    When I get frazzled with WAR, I enjoy soloing a slightly lower level PQ, preferably one I haven’t done. It doesn’t yield much reward in the typical sense, but I find it a lot of fun. Drag a half dozen mobs into a big pile and just laugh at them for a few minutes. Good times.

  7. I see I’m not the only one being pulled away from WAR.

    I’ve been finding myself semi enthralled by the ‘come play WoW’ mentality as of late. The sad thing is – I really *want* WAR to do well. I *want* a crazy RvR endgame.

    Honestly, though, I say play which ever game makes you feel like “Boy, I sure got my $15 worth this month!” Right now, I’m having problems saying that about WAR (though, I’m sure I’d get bored with the WoW PvE after a month or so also).

    Here’s to 1.2 (I really hope they don’t mess it up).

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