The Raven God has Forsaken Me.

So as a parting shot to Ungrim, I ran Bile/Blood, and again I come up with nothing. I am still 0/5 of Sentinel gear.  Though I’m pleased that a few people I run with got their gear last night, I hate when there’s runs that nobody gets anything.  I can’t wait until the token system, it will be well worth it.

One good thing is that I have the Conqueror boots, and can get the gloves if I get my Renown up. I guess it’s time to head back to the salt mines of scenarios.  Good thing is this new server, will bring more Open RvR, and thats a real good thing.

I shall earn the favor of the Raven God once more, and unleash Chaos…Iron Rock. I come for you!!!


5 Responses to “The Raven God has Forsaken Me.”

  1. Just follow the lemming hordes and renown whore it up. If you enter a zone that’s all blue, you’ll get 7200 renown (1k per BO, 1100 per keep), eventually opposition will show up and get you even more renown. You’ll be RR40 in no time. That is if you can stomach it, which is hard, I know I’m still trying to muscle my way through it.

  2. How many transfers has that been thus far?

  3. Whoa look who graces my website, The mighty Ysus the uber pallie.

    This is number two.

    Averheim > Ungrim > Iron Rock.

    I can’t wait until the next one.

  4. Rolled a Knight on Iron Rock yesterday and it was some Tier One madness. There were so many people there in the RvR lake it was nuts! Like a giant Warhammer “rock” concert. Anyhow, good luck on Iron Rock. Lot of other servers offering bonus XP, as well.

  5. I know the feeling. Its been two months of grinding the dungeons now, and I’m still short Sentinel Gloves. Funny enough, I just got my DarkPromise and Conq gloves, but still yet to get my Sentinels. Something should really be done about the system.

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