My New Home – Iron Rock

Well here I am at my new home Iron Rock….or as I call it the home of the queue. Didn’t have much time to play this weekend.  Once I get past the queue of about 160 people, I got on. Lo and behold they were at Altdorf, Destro was doing PQ’s even I did a Altdorf Scenario. I saw people linking some nice Invader gear. It was all quite interesting.

My main concern is the influx of people, Will Order get overwhelmed, and quit. Also this queue, will it get old, and I quit.

So far though I like it, I plan on doing Bile/Blood tonight I sure hope this server is kinder then Ungrim was.


4 Responses to “My New Home – Iron Rock”

  1. Good luck mate 😉

    Not had a city siege on my server yet, the factions are very evenly balanced and nobody has been able to get that 2nd fortress down in time. I’ll be interested to see what you make of city sieging.

  2. No cities on PT either, we in fact just had our very first fortress taken (Destro took shining way) after months of Order pushing every single day to take one. No where even near taking a city though, especially if Order keeps dropping banners to block the lord room 😉

    Here’s hoping your dungeon drops are better than mine. Stupid three day lock outs…

  3. when I get home tonight, I think I’m going to transfer my DoK and BG over there, and maybe play them if I ever get bored of my KotBS and SW 😉

    Alt-itis is a bitch.

  4. I saw a suggestion about moving some destro guilds off to Volkmar who have the opposite problem… I hope Mythic listens because daily Altdorf sieges in prime time hours is killing ORvR.
    And yes… order is bleeding people now.

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