Blogs for the Blogroll – The Homunculus

When the Age of Blogging started I thought there would be 4 or 5 new blogs. I never expected that my Blogroll would grow to such lengths, and that my eyes would bleed from all the reading. There are  many awesome blogs out there now.  There’s a new promotion at Warhammer Alliance, a great Warhammer resource, to try to do more cross promotion. As I am one of those that believe in the ideal of community so I will lend a gauntlet-edhand to this.  WA is calling the Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative, or WCPI, but I tend to like Regis’s saying though,”Blogs for the Blogroll!!”

There are many fine blogs out there, but a few stick out as exceptional to me, and I want to point some of those out for you in the next coming weeks. The first one I think is a really good blog is The Homunculus.  It what I thinks makes a blog, a blog. It’s funny, to the point, and informative. I also enjoy the look of it. It’s white, clean, and that little guy coming out of that dudes head,, even the bi-line cracks me up.

Such posts as F**ck you Friday,  and Chosen :Master Assassinskeep me chuckling, as well as informed. These are the things that keep me coming back to this blog, time and time again.  I am proud that it’s a fellow Chosen, Czarnal putting out a fine blog. I hope for more good stuff from him (I think it’s a him)


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