I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in.

So last night, Destro on Iron Rock took a couple of fortresses, and were knocking on Altdorfs door again. I think this is the fifth day in a row they did this.  So a friend of mine in our alliance, Testta,  talks me into heading down their to farm the Screaming Cat Tavern. 

First thing is first I had to get to Altdorf, Order had a blockade going. So me and some Destro buddies cleared that. Then once to Altdorf, you zone in, right near the Destro starting zone of the city instance, you have to sneak past the Order Zerg to get to the Tavern. The Tavern is an instance near the river, on the east side of the math close to the last pier on the bottom of the math. That in itself was fun sometimes, annoying others trying to get to.

Once there you zone in. You have Gortek the dwarf slayer, and Felix a human.  It’s rather an easy encounter, Me,  a sword and board ,Chosen, and Testta, a DOK duoed it. But the more the merrier always. The encounter goes like this. You start with the human, you burn him down to half, he resets. Then start killing the dwarf, then the human goes back to half health. Kill him. Then take on the dwarf, the dwarf will reset once,  crush him the second time. That’s it, the dwarf drops a chest, open it up and get the fat loot.

What Fat Loot I got, a few things, but here’s the creme de’ la creme of the drops.   Giant Slayer Chaosaxe, Giant Slayer Gauntlets, Chosen Gird of the Despoiler.

So yea the city taking needs some work, though the instance farming was some nice loot, it was way too easy, and I think took away from the spirit of the game. You RvR to get to Altdorf, then you PvE , kinda silly. It also looks like I’m lucky every place else besides Bile/Blood.

A nice surprise is that Shadowwar stopped by and saw me. Nice to have people visit.


2 Responses to “I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in.”

  1. It was cool to see a city under siege, and maybe if it hadn’t been so late for me, I would have stuck around more. Maybe if I also had a desire to play my DoK more. Maybe a lot of things would have kept me around (like having a few wards and not getting trounced by guards/people). It was cool to see another blogger around though.

  2. Looks like you got some nice loot there buddy! I’m I got some nice conq boots…. for an Arch Mage. lol I’ll have to post the pic where our Altdorf PQ got 4 green bags. Made me wanna cry. HAHA

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