Daily City Sieges

Ok on our new home Iron Rock, Destro has been sieging Altdorf on a daily basis. Even though I think this is the point of the game, I do feel sorry for Order on one hand. On the other hand I’m thinking that they should pick themeselves up by the boot straps and get there arses going.

This is why I believe in the 3 army idea of DAOC, if one army dominated, 2 armies would join forces, but that was then this is now.

It seems like everyone now-a-days everyone wants something handed to them. I remember the days of being the Horde on WoW, and every victory against the alliance was hard fought, and earned. It felt that much better because we were the underdog.

Just want to give some words of encouragement to Order on Iron Rock, stick in there, and keep fighting.  The victories you do get are much more sweeter.


5 Responses to “Daily City Sieges”

  1. Thanks Rivs, you rock! Its a tough battle on our side, at least when it comes to zone control and fort defence. You should hear these bitchy order guys whining about being on the defence all the time. hum… if you don’t like defending, get your ass out there and attack something then! lol Am I bitter? Not with my guild and alliance, but pugs getting in vent… yes.

    We will figure out how to defend well one of these days. hehe

  2. You can’t argue with Med/Full+XXX
    We’re not going to be controlling zones or keeping destro out of keeps.

    Best we can do for now is fight em where they’re forced into equal numbers like city instances and PQs. It’s boring but it’s either that or quitting and I’m not ready to quit yet.

  3. Hi Christopher,

    Good read. I’m one of the T4 order players on Iron Rock – been on IR pretty much from the start. I’ve cancelled my subscription – not account – just subscription, as a warning shot. Paid up through 3/4.

    I’d disagree that the complaints result from folks wanting “something handed to them”. I’m willing to fight the good fight (or die trying), and much prefer RVR to RVE. But I think you’d agree something is VERY broken if post-transfer a city gets sacked for 6 straight days.

    Until a week ago it was a very balanced situation – win some, lose some; guild working on ways to gain the upper hand, destro undoubtedly doing the same. Then BANG – needle is pegged to the red every night.

    Simply not worth the time/dollar investment if this is the end-game. Do wish you good luck out there though.

  4. I’m an SH on Iron Rock, but I’ve decided to roll another character on a different server (phoenix throne). I hate being on the side that just crushes the opposition every day. Destro just has too much going for it and the population imbalance that the transfers created was too much for me. I like winning, but not this way. Mythic needs to do something about the desparity between order and destro before it’s too late. It’s not just a crappy situation for order. It sucks being destro and never feeling like your fighting hard for anything.

    Thought about switching to order, but they never have enough tanks and healers. Go figure.

    Anyway, enjoy your time up there.

  5. Derekisazombie Says:

    I would like to say the same, keep fighting order, your far from a weak faction. My chosen would love to see you all in battle…yet im on the Gorfang server…But i can tell you now that the order on Gorfang are stronger than ever. It’s never a complete domination of destruction all the time anymore, it’s ALWAYS back and forth everyday and no ones city is sacked on a daily basis lol, so see you all on the battlefield. ALTDORF WILL BE OURS!

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