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Well I was going to do this one on one thing, but time is running short, and there’s alot of blogs out there I want to touch on that I enjoy. First off I want to say if I don’t cover you it’s not that I don’t like your blog, but first off you got to be a WAR blog first and foremost. If your on my blogroll, I like you first of all. I do read all the blogs on my blogroll, though not everyday, or my eyes would be bleeding. I touch base with each one at least once a week, to see whats being written about.

The blogs I want to cover today is first give credit to what I call the godfathers of WAR blogging in my mind, because if it wasn’t for these guys. I wouldn’t be blogging.

Syp at Waaagh. His writing had me salivating before the game even came out, and when I joined the community he was more then helpful. There’s not enough good stuff i can say about him, oh yea he can write too. If you haven’t read his blog yet, your a gitface for sure.

Thulf over at StuntyStomper with all his tips, and insights not only into the game, but into blogging has upped my game so much. Even though he is a stinky Black Orc, I still love the big guy.

Snafzg over at the Greenskin is never afraid to speak his mind, brings problems into light, not in a whiny way, but in an insightful intelligent way. With Mr. Matthew adding comics that make me LMAO. It’s a pure win site.

Greg Moran is the man who did my banner, as well as being an awesome artist. He writes an awesome blog called the Tome of Knowledge. I never stray far from his blog that’s for sure.

Last but never least on this list is Regis, who not only came up with the slogan Blogs for the Blogroll, he writes for Wizards and Wenches. One of my favorite blogs to visit, cause he always puts a smile on my face, I like how he does stuff to engage the audience as well like caption this, and even though I was dead last at winning the bucket, I still think he’s ok.

Like I said if it weren’t for people like these guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Chained to my desk writing WAR blogs…thanks guys!!! LOL!

A couple more blogs I really enjoy I want to share with you is.

Starbreakers Adventures – Even though I don’t have much respect for Order in general, I do have a little respect for this guy. His writing is entertaining and insightful. He’s even on my same server, which makes it kind of cool. So when I kill him, I know where to gloat. To my chagrin, I haven’t seen him yet. I keep running into that runtie Westian everywhere there though.

Knights of the Feathered Hats – Even though I hate Knights more then any other toon playing WAR, well because it’s the mirror class, and the things we hate we usually see a bit of ourselves in. Like the fact Knights have what Chosen have, but better. Hopefully 1.2 patch will even that up. As for this blog, it’s well written, and very entertaining.

Incoming Pull – I love the blog, with plenty of pictures, an awesome sense of humor, plus any guy more unlucky then me in getting gear deserves my respect. Whenever I visit his blog, he makes me laugh even when I feel like punching my screen for not seeing one piece of loot. Keep the head up my good man, you’ll hit paydirt one of these days.

So that’s it for today, these are some of the blogs that influenced me, and that I enjoy. Next week I’ll be looking at a few more blogs that I really dig.


3 Responses to “Blogs for the Blogroll – WCPI”

  1. Orcs don’t stink… *farts*

  2. Just saw the links to Greenskin and Stunty Stomper are not correct, fyi.

  3. theerivs Says:

    Sorry, see thats what you get when you have no sleep from running dungeons all night. Fixed.

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