Lost Vale

So I stepped into Lost Vale with my usual dungeon running crew, Truthie (BO), Nied (Sorc), Testta (DOK), Influenza (WE), and a new DOK joined us (Lemak).  Me being only 3/5 greater wards was really worried, our Black Orc is 5/5 Greater, and as a Chosen offtank, lets face it I’m a glorified aura bot when I offtank, ok I’m an add picking up machine too. Go Go Dreadful Aura.  I was prepared to die ALOT.

We wanted to head in there, and check it out. Try to learn the encounters, and see what is what.  Learning experience it was, but since pretty much all of us work together often, it went pretty smooth considering, we did wipe a few times in the process.

We ended up knocking out the Left wing, and up to the second boss in the Right Wing.  Thulf over at Stuntystomper has an awesome write-up if your interested in learning more go ..Here.

Did I get anything?  Sure did. Darkpromise Direblade. I’m thinking it’s a one handed PvP sword, because there’s no talisman slot to it, but an asston of str, and toughness. So I’ll check it out next time I’m out doing scenarios.

One other thing is on my server Destro was at Altdorf’s gates again, and the queue to get on was huge. It’s getting futile and meaningless if we can’t take the city, why lock it up. So we can farm that damn tavern instance.

I also played my Witch Hunter on Dark Crag a bit last night. It was actually fun giving out the damage, instead of taking it.


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